Education institutions support learners’ internationalisation, grant Europass documents and support students to use the Europass.

Europass CV

Europass users complete their own Europass CV. The document comprises details of education and training, work experience, language proficiency and other skills. Learn more >>

Create an Europass-CV, update your CV, download the CV template or see examples at the Europass portal >>

Europass Language Passport

Europass users complete their own Europass Language Passport. The language skills are described using a six-step scale. Learn more >>

Create a Language Passport, update your Language Passport, download template or see examples at the Europass portal >>

Europass Skills Passport

European Skills Passport is an electronic portfolio of person’s skills and competencies. Learn more >>

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Europass Mobility Passport

The Europass Mobility Passport is a record of a period of time that a person has spent learning in another European country. Learn more >>

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Instructions for Europass Mobility (pdf in Finnish)

Europass Certificate Supplement

The Europass Certificate Supplement is an appendix to vocational qualification certificate and gives information on the qualification and the competences provided. Learn more >>

Europass Certificate Supplement >>

European examples of Certificate Supplement >>

Europass Diploma Supplement

The Europass Diploma Supplement is an appendix to higher education diploma and it gives information about the qualification, the higher education institution and the education system in the country where it was awarded. Learn more >>

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European examples of Diploma Supplement >>

Europass in Teaching

The Europass documents bring an international dimension to your teaching in a way that benefits your students even after the graduation.

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