The Europass Mobility records the periods of time that you have spent learning abroad.

Europass Mobility

A Europass Mobility document records learning experiences from other European countries, such as traineeships, student exchange or voluntary work, if they are a part of your studies in your home country.

A learning experience that can be recorded should take place within the framework of a Community programme in the field of education and training, or meet the following criteria: the period of time is part of education or training based in the country of origin; the sending organisation and the host organisation stipulate a written agreement on the mobility experience; and both countries involved are EU or EEA countries.

The learning experience is monitored by two partner organisations, the first in the country of origin and the second in the host country. Both partners agree on the purpose, content and duration of the experience. The partner organisations may be higher education institutions, schools, training centres, companies, NGOs, etc.

How to Obtain a Europass Mobility?

The Europass Mobility document is completed by the partner organisations involved in the mobility project. Please contact the organisation sending you on your learning experience abroad and ask them to contact the National Europass Centre.

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