Europass Certificate Supplement is actively used in Finland

The Europass Centres are conducting a survey on the use of the Europass Certificate Supplement. The survey on Finnish users was just completed and the results are interesting and useful. In the beginning of next year we will have results from various countries and can compare the use of the ECS around Europe.

In Finland we will also conduct interviews for more detailed information on the use of the document.

Survey was widely promoted

The survey was promoted in different channels. The Europass Centre co-operated with student organisations and Enterprise Finland, for example. Advertisements were also run on Facebook and information on the survey sent to education institutions and organisations.

The largest group of respondents are students. The second largest group are employed people, out of which a majority reported working in a field relevant to their education. 12% of the respondents work in education institutions as teacher, career counsellors or in other tasks.

An international document can be used domestically

The aim of the Europass Certificate Supplement is to enhance mobility of skilled persons. However, the document can also be used domestically.

A large majority (76%) say that they use the ECS in Finland to apply for a job or a place of study.

However, more than half (62%) also told that they use the document for international purpose: for example in order to work abroad or to compare qualifications from other countries.

The respondents could choose more than purpose for using the document.

Those aiming to go abroad have used the document in several countries: the most popular are Spain, Germany and Sweden. Also the UK and France were popular.

Ten Europass prizes have been raffled among the respondents. Congratulations to the winners!

Infographic on the results


Survey results show that Europass Certificate Supplement is used especially to apply for a job or a place of study.


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