Europass in social media and memorable adventures abroad

Europass has been focusing on publishing interesting, versatile and useful content on its social media platforms. We decided to interview a follower of the Europass Europe Facebook page, Kalina Cybulska, to find out what she thought about our social media use – and much more.

Kalina Cybulska

Kalina, a 30-year-old journalist, is currently living in Warsaw, Poland. She is an employee of the Polish Film Institute, where she for instance works on the Pierwsze Ujęcie (First Shot) service, dedicated to young filmmakers. But how did a Polish journalist become a follower of Europass Europe’s Facebook page? “I found it while reading about the Europass Viral Video Competition. I thought that this initiative could be very helpful for people searching for a job abroad.”

Well, what does Kalina think of Europass Europe’s Facebook site? What is the best thing about it? According to Kalina, “The site is quite modest and I like that because the visual doesn’t eclipse the content and the idea itself. I also like the fact that it’s not overloaded. It’s clear and user friendly.” That sounds good indeed. When asked about the possible use of Europass documents (Language Passport, CV etc.), she admits that she has not yet used them. “For now it’s nice to know that tools like these exist. I haven’t used them yet but I’ll surely do it if I search for a job someday in the future.” Kalina points out that like most Poles, she sometimes considers living somewhere else. If that happens in the future, Europass documents will be handy tools to keep in mind. As Kalina points out, “Some things in the European Union should be homogenous to make life easier. Europass tools help to put oneself in the bigger picture when it comes to professional issues.”

Living abroad is nothing strange to Kalina. “11 years ago I was working in Rotterdam for 6 months. Poland was entering European Union 4 months after my departure. Back then I was taking care of children. I lived with a big family with four children. And then during my studies I tried to make an earning trip. I didn’t earn much – I actually spent much more but I had the best holiday of my life – in Brighton, UK – and the weirdest jobs of my life – attending beach toilets, working in the lesbian bar and very exhausting hotel cleaning.” That does sound interesting indeed. What stands out as a memory from the road? Kalina recalls all the people who helped her and her friends when they were hitchhiking across Europe. “They trusted us, gave us money, helped us out in a desperate situations”, she remembers with warmth.

Kalina’s life sounds very eventful and interesting. But then again, Kalina’s life advice is “better regret something you have done than something you haven’t”. Seems accurate in her case.

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Text: Maaria Tirri
Photo: Mateusz Ścibor

Kalina Cybulska has seen her fair share of other cultures, exhausting jobs and hairy situations abroad. What are her thoughts on the Europass documents, the Europass Europe Facebook page and life in general? Read on to find out.


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