Post your CV directly to a Eures job portal

By creating your Europass CV online with the Europass CV-tool, you can now post it directly to Eures, the European Mobility Job Portal, which allows your CV to be visible to thousands of employers throughout Europe.

Europass is now fully interoperable with Eures:

  • a CV generated through the Europass online editor can be uploaded to Eures
  • a CV can be generated in Europass format from the Eures portal
  • a CV can be posted to Eures from the Europass online editor

Click “Share” to post your CV to Eures:


Read more about the Europass-CV and go to the Europass-CV editor to create your own CV:

Eures-logoPost your Europass-CV directly to the Eures job portal and make it visible to thousands of employers.


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