What do our partners think of Europass?

The Finnish Europass Centre conducted a survey in the summer 2015 asking its partners how they use Europass and what they think about it.

123 people answered the on-line survey in addition to which more than 20 people were interviewed. The results of the survey given an interesting insight on how Europass is used in Finland.

Our partners know the Europass well: more than half use Europass in their work and 44% had also used Europass for a personal reason. 70% said Europass was easy to use.

Using Europass

The majority of respondents had not been in touch with the Europass Centre, but those who had been, had either asked for promotion material and had had question about the Europass Mobility Passport.

The promotion material is seen as useful

More than 40% of the respondents had used the promotion and information material available on Europass – mostly electronic material, such as the website, Europass blogg or videos.

When asked for ideas on developing the material, many would like to see more electronic material in the future, even though some believed that there is still a need for some printed material, too.

Two thirds of the respondents had visited the Finnish Europass site (europass.fi). The feedback on the website was varied but mostly positive. Majority of respondents had not used or were not even aware of Europass’s presence in social media - but reponded they did not feel they were the right target group (as contrary to students or young people).

How Europass should be developed?

A majority of ideas for development concerned the Europass Mobility Passport: the document was seen as cumbersome, too lengthy and in need of developing. The Europass Language Passport had mixed feedback: some were happy users of the document, some responded that its role and use within Europass needs examining.


Europass is well-known but its possibilities (e.g. the use of European Skills Passport) are not used as efficiently as they could be. Our partners are knowledgeable of our promotion material, but are not aware of our promotion channels in social media.

It is also important to reach employers more efficiently.

More information on Europass and it’s users

Which professions are the most likely to use Europass? Read the results of a study: http://europass.fi/europass/frontpage/news/102/0/which_professions_use_the_europass_most

Stories about Europass: http://europass.fi/stories

Europass surveyWe conducted a customer survey to find out more about how Europass is being used in Finland. Read about the interesting results!


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