Which professions use the Europass most?

We did some data crunching on the Europass databases lately ā€“ and this is what we learned!

Cedefop runs the Europass portal and the Europass tools; they extracted the top 50 profiles (taxonomy entry or free text) of the CV editor users, by decreasing order.

This confirms that mobility in Europe is still mostly found in specific professions: (para)medical, hospitality, ICT and engineering.

Top 50 profiles of CV online editor:

  1. Waiter
  2. Computer programmer
  3. Shop salesperson
  4. Nurse
  5. Receptionist
  6. Cook
  7. Office clerk
  8. Mechanical engineer
  9. Administrative secretary
  10. Civil engineer
  11. Translation/Interpreting/Consulting
  12. Secretary
  13. Translator
  14. Nursing professional
  15. Bartender
  16. Information Technology
  17. Accountant
  18. Medical doctor
  19. Internship
  20. Engineer
  21. Economist
  22. Sales and marketing department manager
  23. Computing professional
  24. Electrical engineer
  25. Cleaner in offices, hotels and other establishments
  26. Motor vehicle mechanic and fitter
  27. Sales representative
  28. Architect
  29. Lawyer
  30. Car driver
  31. Teaching professional
  32. Pharmacist
  33. Primary education teaching professional
  34. Psychologist
  35. Computer systems designer and analyst
  36. Secondary education teaching professional
  37. Journalist
  38. Computers, Software
  39. Director and chief executive
  40. Hairdresser
  41. Administration department manager
  42. Physiotherapist
  43. Cashier
  44. Marketing department manager
  45. Production and operations department manager in restaurants
  46. Biologist
  47. Computer equipment operator
  48. Electrical engineering technician
  49. Electronics engineer
  50. Senior government official


Users of EuropassWe just had a look at the occupations of CV-tool users - and the statistics are out now!


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