Will the year 2016 be your year? 10 resolutions up for adoption

The beginning of a brand New Year is traditionally a time for reflection, self-improvement and the pursuit of a better and healthier life. I am no exception in this regard.

In 2015 Europass celebrated its 10th birthday. As a friend of Europass, I am eager to see what the year 2016 holds for this amazing collection of five documents. To respect both the 10-year-old Europass and the tradition of compiling inspirational resolutions, I am compiling my own list of ten goals for the year 2016.

Europass New Year Resolutions
As a friend of Europass, I celebrated its 10th birthday. I gave Europass a small present and a sweet card, which also happens to be one of my resolutions for next year.

Some of these resolutions are brand new, while others have proven their worth already in the past:

  1. I will get my own “happiness jar”. I will scribble good things that happen on pieces of paper and subsequently fill the jar with them. These things can be everything from succeeding with an assignment at work to making a friend smile. On the 31st December 2016 I will look through these pieces of paper (which I imagine will be many) to reflect on all the positive things that have happened during the year. Elizabeth Gilbert’s happiness jar project was my original inspiration for this resolution.
  2. I often struggle with what I should do on my free time, as I am overwhelmed with multiple fascinating options. I remember hearing that often the things we enjoyed as children are the very things that bring us joy as adults. That’s why I will reinvent the hobbies I loved in my childhood: painting and ballet. I will go to both once a week.
  3. I will call my mom twice a week. I think there will be a time when I would give anything to hear her voice again.
  4. I will give positive feedback to companies on a weekly basis and send surprise letters and presents to loved ones once a month. I did this last year and it turned out to be a lovely decision, for everyone involved.
  5. I will read a book once a month. It happened again last year; I could go months without reading anything and then I would suddenly read four books in one week. This year, frequency is key. I have already compiled a list of books I am dying to read. Reading has many benefits, it can for instance keep your brain sharp, help you sleep better and make you more empathetic, as stated in this Huffington Post article.
  6. I will ask for feedback and tips every time when I don’t get a job. I have received many good improvement suggestions for my cover letter and my CV from interviewers/HR employees in the past – when I have had the courage to ask.
  7. I will do volunteer work twice a month for the Red Cross. Research has shown that volunteering is beneficial also for the person volunteering: it helps with mental health and well-being, for instance warding off loneliness and depression.
  8. I will sleep 8 hours every night. In other words, I will make sleep a priority. As stated in this U.S.News article, sleep deprivation can have a significant negative impact on one’s cognitive skills. And much more. It isn’t pretty.
  9. I will create three events during the year 2016. I have decided to be the change I wish to see in the world. This includes for example creating events and traditions, which I happen to love.
  10. I will go to a cultural event once a month. I love art exhibitions, theatre plays and circus shows but I go to them sporadically. Now it is time for a change!

I have noticed that I tend to keep my resolutions by following some basic rules. I make the resolutions 1) precise 2) achievable and 3) positive. All in all, I aim to come up with easy and pleasant goals that will make my life more fulfilling. That seems like a good set of resolutions for the year 2016.

Text and photo: Maaria Tirri

Maaria Tirri is a content provider for Europass

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