Europass provides a clear overview of the skills, work experience, learning and qualifications of a person.

What is Europass?

Europass is a personal electronic portfolio of documents. Europass consists of an electronic Curriculum Vitae (CV) model, and a portfolio: European Skills Passport, which compiles your other Europass documents, such as language passport and diploma supplements, or other important documents e.g. work certificates.

Europass can be used to present skills and competencies in an internationally comparable way. Europass conveys a clear overview of a person’s skills and competencies e.g. for a job or a place of study.

Who Can Use Europass?

Europass is a tool for everyone needing to present their skills and competencies. Europass is a free service and easy to use.


Europass is especially helpful for people seeking employment in another European country or applying for an education or training programme abroad. Europass can also be used in one’s home-country.

Europass recipients

Europass makes it easier for employers or education institutions to understand person’s qualifications. The transparent documentation of skills and competencies help make better use of people’s knowledge and strengths. Europass helps professionals involved in education, training and guidance to advise applicants about study opportunities and to compare their knowledge and skills.

The Aim of Europass

Europass aims to contribute to the mobility of students and workers in Europe and in their own country by making it easier to compare their skills and qualifications.

The National Europass Centre of Finland

The Finnish National Agency for Education is the National Europass Centre (NEC) of Finland. The Europass Centre manages and develops the Europass documents and the Europass system and disseminates information about Europass.

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