Tytti Yli-Viikari

A single ticket to Europe

When Tytti Yli-Viikari, Auditor General of the National Audit Office of Finland, left for France to go to upper secondary school there, she was not planning to come back. Today Yli-Viikari lives happily in eastern Helsinki.

My summer in the heart of international mobility

Working with international mobility includes many other things than just a creation of study programs!

Heli Väinölä

Honing your job seeking skills

It is hard to get started in the job market . Read Heli Väinöläs down-to-earth tips and advice.

Woman walking in the nature.

In the beginning, a new employee does not have a clue about anything. And that is great

The feeling of having not done anything over the first couple of weeks at work means that you have been practicing the skill of not having a clue.

Aleksis Nokso-Koivisto

A man of many career changes

Listening to Aleksis Nokso-Koivisto describe his work career makes the listener feel almost out of breath, such is the number of career changes and leaps from one field to another made by this 40-year-old.

Maaria Tirri

From diplomacy to fatigue

Internships offer valuable work experience. Maaria Tirri, 29-years-old, did a three-month internship in UNESCO in Paris during the summer of 2015. Read on to hear about her experiences.

To London By Chance

After graduating from upper secondary school and completing his civil service, Matti Minkkinen left Finland to study in London. Four years of university studies in a metropolis bolstered his courage and confidence.

Antti Sahlström

From temp to news anchor

Antti Sahlström recommends temp work for young people who do not have much experience yet. If you give it your all, a temp job can take you surprisingly far.

Joni Mäkinen

A good application can open up a career

HR Professional Joni Mäkinen, responsible for Capgemini’s Young Professionals Academy, encourages job seekers to think carefully about why they want to work for a particular company.

Fundraising company's staff

Personality pays off

Fundraising Aid, a firm that recruits face to face fundraisers for NGOs, employs many young job seekers. Small details can have a big impact on getting the job you want.

The Language Passport - A Versatile Tool for Evaluating Language Skills

Language guru Virpi Hämeen-Anttila praises the Europass Language Passport as a tool for evaluating language skill. She emphasizes that learning a foreign language opens up a whole culture. Besides, languages are easy!


Import your LinkedIn profile to your Europass-CV

Managing your career has never been easier.

A busy man

Latvian student Austris Štāls got involved in Haaga-Helia’s Student Union because he wanted to do something useful with his free time.

Recruitement Talks of the Whole

How can a young job seeker stand out in a highly competitive market?

Bijay Baniya

At home in two worlds

Finnish entrepreneurs should hire immigrants. “An immigrant knows two worlds. He can see more opportunities - and create them”.

Collecting Confidence Abroad

Jenni Ripatti recommends going abroad as an exchange student to all young people.

Programme Manager Kati Virolainen from the Centre for International Mobility CIMO

Identifying international skills

Job-seekers have a huge reserve of international skills and competences which remains untapped. The Europass is a useful tool for presenting new kinds of international know-how.

Heli Pahlman

A career within the United Nations – From outer space to field support

Heli Pahlman is currently working for the UN in New York. Does that sound interesting? Read on, and find out how she succeeded and what advice she has for you.

Prestina Buggenhout

A case of diagnosed wanderlust

Prestina Buggenhout, a doctor of Belgian nationality, has lived, worked and traveled in plenty of countries around the world. Read about her experiences, thoughts and plans for the future.

Young Job Seekers Be Yourselves!

Pasi Siiki recruits dozens of youths to their first jobs every year. Osaaja asked Siiki to evaluate the Europass Curriculum Vitae from the employer’s perspective.

Interning in Finland - a Unique Opportunity

Ilija Brajkovic and Anton Rjabuha gained valuable work experience as IAESTE trainees in Finland. Both have learned a lot from living and working in a foreign country. They both utilized the Europass CV in applying for the internship.>

How to create your Europass

You can create your Europass in a few easy steps. The infographic shows you how simple it is!